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Top Picks of Argumentative Essay Subjects

Writing an argumentative essay demands that you pick a subject and have a perspective on it. It means backing up your viewpoint with thoroughly researched information and facts. Most students get a challenge deciding on a topic. So how can you make the process easy?

Argumentative Essay Picks

Having an interest in a subject choice ensures that you pick something unique and one not covered before. For you to do this, you need to carefully review options and research to settle on what to write about. But this is often not easy. It would help if you found controversial subjects revolving around issues that are of interest to many individuals.

Everyone will have a different opinion which justifies the cause for an argumentative essay. Remember, views take precedent in argumentative essays because in opinions you find controversies that in the case of essay pieces have to have facts backing them up. Here are probable argumentative essay subjects that will interest you and make you're writing professional.

  • Is the global change in climate a result of human activity?
  • Is the penalty of death an effective deterrence to specific crimes?
  • Is the process of elections fair?
  • Should torture get considered an acceptable means to end?
  • Should men have a paternity leave of absence from work?
  • Are uniforms for schools of importance?
  • Is the existing tax system fair?
  • Are curfews effective in keeping teenagers out of woes?
  • Has cheating gone beyond control?
  • Should researchers use animals for scientific studies?
  • Should smoking cigarettes get banned?
  • Are mobile phones a danger to human health?
  • Do police cameras infringe on an individual's right to privacy?
  • Is the current dispensation majorly a throwaway civilization?
  • Is the behavior of children better than it was some years ago, or is it worse?
  • Should firms market their products to children?
  • Is it appropriate for the government administration to have an input in dictating diets?
  • Does condom access limit teenage pregnancy?
  • Should there be term limits for congress members?
  • Are professional athletes and actors paid hefty salaries?
  • Are CEO's earning too much in terms of wages?
  • Is it important to hold athletes to high ethical standards?
  • Are violent e-games a source of problems in behavior?
  • Should public schools teach creationism?
  • Is it safe to say beauty pageants are exploitative?
  • Should everyone cycle by law?
  • Should the industry of racing get compelled to utilize biofuels?
  • Should the age requirement for drinking alcohol increase or decrease?
  • Should English form part of the United States' official language?
  • Is it right for convicts to vote (as it exists in some of the states)
  • Is it okay to allow marriages of same-sex couples?
  • Are there advantages to attending schools that only allow single or same-gender students?
  • Is boredom a recipe for trouble?
  • Should schools operate all through the year?
  • Can religion cause conflicts or wars?
  • Has college tuition cost gone too high?
  • Should healthcare provision be a prerogative of the government?
  • Is it right to outlaw abortion?
  • Is it true that girls are mean to each other?
  • Should euthanasia stay illegal?
  • Is after school assignments harmful or helpful?
  • Are the admission criteria in college too competitive?
  • Should the use of marijuana be legalized nationally by the federal government?
  • Should the law require wealthy people to pay extra taxes?
  • Should learning institutions adopt physical education or a foreign language?


The suggested argumentative essay subjects will provide you with an excellent platform to ease your subject selection headache. As well as professional online services such as https://usessaywriters.com/ will provide you with flawless essays for cheap. A superb subject will create a good base for an excellent essay, so pick one wisely.

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