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Compare/Contrast Essay Writing

Contrast and compare is a popular style of theoretical writing. Comparing means finding similarities. Contrasting is finding the differences. Thus, a compare/contrast essay explains the relationship between the two topics.

Finding related subjects is the key to choosing essay topics. The subject matters should belong to a similar classification. But also diverse enough for comparison. Before you can write your essay, indicate why you are comparing the two subjects.

In most cases, a compare/contrast essay seeks to validate a preference. They show an inclination towards one subject as compared to another. The comparison should develop a preference without you giving your opinion.

Incredible Topic for Compare/Contrast Essay

Lectures mostly use this essay type to test if the students have understood a concept. They may ask learners to make a comparison between two theories, two methods or characters in a book.

Below, you will find interesting essay topic ideas from different fields.


  • Compare Beethoven to Straus
  • Compare classical music and pop music
  • Compare playing music to listening
  • Compare the organ and the piano
  • Compare gospel music to the blues
  • Compare music in the 21st Century to music from the 20th Century

Social Studies

  • Compare freelancing to a full-time office job
  • Compare emigration to immigration
  • Compare the role of gender in the Eastern World to those of the Western World
  • Compare online dating to physical dating
  • Extroverts versus introverts
  • Bringing up children in a double career family versus families with stay-at-home parents


  • Compare the nutritional value of corn grain versus wheat
  • Vaccinating newborns versus not vaccinating them
  • Compare non-traditional and customary medical approaches
  • Compare natural aging to plastic surgery
  • Compare psychiatry to phycology


  • Compare dialect to language
  • Compare artificial languages to natural languages
  • Compare speech-language to written language
  • Compare Modern English to Ancient English
  • Compare Sino-Tibetan languages to Indo-European languages


  • Compare the juvenile criminal justice to that of adults
  • Compare Civil justice to Criminal justice
  • The modern law system versus the 18th to 19th centuries
  • Domestic violence penalty: The Western approach versus the Eastern approach

Modern Technology

  • Compare Android to iOS
  • Compare 3D movies to 2D movies
  • Traditional videos versus 360° videos
  • Compare Google+ to Facebook
  • Compare texting to writing letters


  • Compare polytheism to monotheism
  • Compare traditional religion to a Sect
  • Compare Buddhism to the Islamic religion
  • Compare the Christian in Israel to those in the United States
  • Compare the Catholic branch of Christianity to the Protestant


  • Compare the works of Michelangelo to those of Leonardo da Vinci
  • Art movements: Art Nouveau versus Abstract Expressionism
  • Art eras: Renaissance art versus Gothic art


  • Compare the Maya civilization to Aztecs civilization
  • Compare the Presidency to the Monarchy system
  • American history: The reconstruction Era versus the Antebellum Era
  • Compare the Democrats to the Republicans
  • Compare the German Government to the American Government
  • Presidents: George Washington versus Abraham Lincoln

Other Fields

  • Book characters versus movie characters
  • Seasons: Spring versus Summer
  • Computer games: Grand Theft Auto versus Need for Speed
  • Compare colleges to schools
  • Compare street workout to the gym
  • Beverages: Tea versus Coffee
  • Literature: Prose versus poetry
  • Compare adulthood to childhood
  • Travel: Trains versus Planes
  • Basketball: Los Angeles Lakers versus Los Angeles Clippers
  • Factual versus fiction stories
  • Fashion: Louis Vuitton versus Gucci

Final Thoughts

Online sample essay for sale can help you develop an exciting topic for your essay. They give you a distinct vision of what to write about in your piece. You can use the above examples to come up with the perfect essay topic.

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