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College Admission Essay Subjects

An excellent admission essay subject is very crucial when joining college. It increases the chances of an applicant getting accepted at the University of their choice. A student should express themselves well enough, showing their character. Students should present their best traits in their essays, which makes them exceptional. Here are some suitable topics to help you get accepted into your first-choice college.

Categories of Essay Topics

There are different essay categories that students can choose from depending on the topic they choose. The classes are in four clusters.

Persuasive Writing. Research, persuasive and argumentative essays fall under this category. The category requires the author to defend an opinion based on the topic they choose.

Expository Writing. Expository, Research, Cause and Effects, and informative essays fall under this category. The category presents facts and enlightens a reader on new ideas and topics.

Descriptive Writing. Descriptive and Definition essays fall under this category. The category requires a writer to showcase their artistry using an articulate idea flow and lively vocabulary to expound on ideas.

Narrative Writing. Personal, Narrative, and Process essays fall under this category. The category asks the writer to narrate a tale or give a chronological explanation to a process.

Here are a few essay topics from different category topics.

Cause & Effect Themes

  • Effects of social media on a person’s interpersonal skills
  • Overall mental ability: does it improve by learning new languages?
  • The stereotype image portrayed about women or men through advertisement
  • What causes bullying, and what are its effects in school?
  • Causes and health effects of smoking among teenagers

Research Themes

  • How does technology obstruct society?
  • How do viruses and bacteria get into the human being’s body?
  • Should college graduates earn more than non-graduates?
  • Why do some people opt for violence instead of communication?
  • Long term effects of depression on the human body

Expository Themes

  • Explain sociology and how it can better the society
  • Why are parents strict on their kids according to psychology?
  • How can college students save money?
  • Important things to check out for when getting a new car
  • Criteria in choosing between Microsoft and Apple

Descriptive Themes

  • Describe your worst nightmare
  • Describe the experience of moving to another country
  • Describe your best fictional character
  • Describe how it feels to graduate from college
  • Best childhood memories as you remember them

Argumentative Themes

  • Should the government ban death sentences countrywide?
  • How would marijuana legalization affect societies’ productivity?
  • Society’s dependence on technology
  • Legalization of distribution and production of tobacco

Narrative Themes

  • An adventure to remember
  • Create your version of World war 2
  • Create a tale that shows how vital honesty is
  • Tell a story from your childhood that describes you as an individual
  • Build a story on how a pen is more powerful than a sword

Definition Themes

  • Define love
  • What does happiness, entail?
  • What is beauty?
  • What is justice?
  • Positive and negative impacts of expectations

Persuasive Themes

  • Should the government spend less on the military?
  • Should parents restrict social media to children below 15 years?
  • Why is it necessary to do a medicine trial on animals?
  • How do video games contribute to brain development in teenagers?


Getting a perfect topic that describes a students’ character is not easy. But, understanding the different groups and categories makes it a bit easier for the student. It is important to pick a category that is suitable for an individual as a topic showcases your uniqueness.

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