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What You Need To Write The Best Essay Definition Type

When it comes to writing essays, one of the toughest you have to compose is a definition type. While definitions are necessary for most essays, there are cases where the entire essay is about defining a word. On the surface, these papers look easy,but that is until you get down to the writing. If you have such a task, this article gives ideas on how to get started.

About Definition Essays .

They are essays that help students get a deeper understanding of an important word. For an English essay, your professor will not only be looking at your research and comprehension but also the style of writing. Your definition should be thorough and lengthy. In some cases, your professor provides the word while in others, you take your pick and make it the subject of your essay.

The main components of your essay entail:

  1. Stating the term/say what term you will define
  2. Giving basic details about the word to make readers understand
  3. Using essay examples, anecdotes and facts to make the word clearer.

The essay looks deceptively easy when you are about to start,but most students get stuck. To avoid such a situation, the following are tips you should consider using:

  1. Choose the Right Word for your Essay
  2. While most students rush to pick the simplest words for their definition essay,this is not thebest approach.It is advisable to go for abstract words that require lengthy explanations. A word with a single meaning is tough to discuss in several paragraphs,and you still find yourself stuck along the way.

    Abstract terms such as love, friendship, compassion, kindness, politics, respect, and democracy lend the air to more creativity. You can write several pages trying to define love and this will still not be enough. To compose a good paper, go for concepts or ideas such as family, love, justice or patriotism which readers can connect. The idea is to keep your readers glued to your paper by giving them a new perspective about terms they thought they already knew.

  3. Research the Meaning
  4. Use all available resources to get a broader and insightful definition of the word. Use the dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedias and online resources (websites/videos,etc.) and also consult your family and friends. Look at the synonyms, antonyms and everything else about the word including its origins. Once you have all these details, go ahead and create your meaning (s).

  5. Write a Thesis
  6. The thesis statement which is mandatory in English essay writing, in this case, is a fully completed definition of what the term means. It should include personal experiences and explanation style. You can opt to use analysis compare it to something similar and show differences), function (how it works/what it does), opposing definition (what it is not) or structure (hot it works/process of manufacture).

  7. Create a Draft of the Essay
  8. Now that you have the word, you won’t need to research on essay topics. Your essay needs the following sections:

    • Introduction
    • Thesis statement
    • Body (arguments)
    • Conclusion

    The essay requires your input including experiences, examples,and anecdotes. Go into details about the word, discuss the origins and history of the word, analyze dictionary meaning and always support your arguments with references. Wrap up your essay by restating your thesis to support your definition of the word. Polish the draft and write the final paper.

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