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Captivating Essay Narrative Examples to Guide Every Student

While most students fear writing tasks in school, the truth is these are unavoidable. Your teacher uses essay writing tasks not only to gauge understanding of a topic but also to evaluate your analytical skills. A narrative essay is one of the most common forms of writing every student encounters in school. While telling a story by word of mouth is easy, many students find it hard putting their tales to paper. Things get harder because your narrative has to be unique and there is no way of copying.

Narrative writing doesn’t have to be hard if you understand the basics. Reading samples can also help inculcate the requirements for this form of writing. In this article, you will get tips on writing the best narrative essays and topics to start you off.

General Tips for Narrative Writing

What is a narrative? It is a question every student asks, and in the simplest definition, it is a story told in your own opinion. You are the storyteller and control whatever happens in the story. Before you start writing, there are some crucial things to remember. Your paper should interest the reader for them to continue reading. As such, pick a topic, theme or subject which you can easily build into a story. Decide early on the plot, characters, climax and the ending.

The actions should flow in chronological order and ensure the reader understands what is happening at every point. Read short story examples to understand sequencing of events to make a story captivating. Vivid description is one of the most effective styles to employ in narratives. At the back of your mind, assume you are the reader and create a story which would not turn you off.

Always remember that quality is more important than quantity. However involving the project turns out to be, have fun and this will reflect in the story you compose.

Narrative Essay Topics

It is important to have a look at college essay examples to get an idea of what you can write. Some of the examples you can use include:

  1. A near death experience
  2. A place where you would love to live
  3. The best place you have ever visited
  4. An experience to show the U.S is the best country to live in
  5. The day you met your idol/celebrity/ public figure
  6. A horrifying experience that proved to you that violence is not the answer
  7. A memorable experience that changed your life
  8. Description of your childhood
  9. The best teacher at your school
  10. An individual who has had the biggest influence in your life
  11. A movie you watched that impressed you significantly.
  12. The experience when moving from one place to another.
  13. A sad experience that affected you or someoneabout whom you care for
  14. An experience about taking a stand for someone or for an issue that you care about
  15. Where you were when a major event that changed the world happened

These are just a few essay examples and there are many more you can compose and still earn a winning grade. The bottom-line is to create a spellbinding tale which keeps the reader glued to the words. If you have little time to do this, go ahead and seek help from Writemyessay.today. Whatever you do, make sure you proofread your work and ensure the essay you are about to submit will captivate the reader.

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